Top 10 states for photographers to live

Did you know some of the happiest states are also the prettiest? Well, if your a photographer, you’ll love these states!

Top ten better states for photographs to live in

There are many factors affecting working life on a professional, for example: relationships, lifestyle, formation, objectives and place of living determined whether or not a person is able to reach success. Why place of living is so important? Well, supposing you live in Egypt and want to practice snowboarding, there´s nothing sand to board on, so there are certain states for photographers which can offer better pictures than others.

List of best states for photographers

Now, straight to the article main point, if you´re photographer and a U.S. Resident, these states are marvelous as heaven states for photographers to live in. Boost as many shoots you could do in a yearlong and move out to follow the dreams you always desired.

1st Known as the most photogenic, State of Oregon  

Oregon deserves the most photogenic tittle because of diversity on its landscapes within an hour drive of Portland. It is possible to find 30 well-known worldwide waterfalls in the Columbia River George. Good incomes may result from taking weeding photos ($1,854 per photography session) and cost of living is inexpensive an incredible option on states for photographs to live in.

2nd “Not too much competition”, State of Washington

The advantage of purchase and getting Amazon photograph equipment the same day makes this State one of the most demanded by professionals on this area. A photo session of a weeding can cost $2,027, good numbers for living. Scenarios to take photos are the most important, with Mount Ranier National Park, Olympic National Park, Palouse Falls, and North Cascades National Park it is impossible not to enjoy the place shooting.

3rd Recognized by the Industry as the 7th, State of Arizona

Yes, the Grand Canyon is a National monument and the most photographed all over the state, but professionals considered the best location to shoot in the state is Horseshoe Bend located in the city of Page. This State is ranked in the middle of average photographer earnings, but cost of living is high.

4th If you want to feel great with incomes, State of Utah

With the advantage of finding out a national park per acre than any other place all around the country, Utah is the photographer’s heaven. The list includes places such as: Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion. Improve Photography readers have voted Utah as the second best state to take pictures.

According to Internet upload statistics, this is the state with most presence of photographers. The fact in Utah the rates of earnings in a weeding session doesn´t make a big deal ($1,376), because there is a high demand on family and baby works. The cost of living could be seemed as low, so this is a good state for photographers to live, because there’s no need in to earn big amounts of money.

5th Cost of living makes wanting it, State of Tennessee

It is possible to find a theme park for photography professionals on Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains with a marvelous picture frame. Also, here is the home of more than 2,800 caves, the Grand Ole Opry, the Copper Basin and many other amazing waterfalls.

The other attracting characteristic is that Tennessee is the third state with lower living cost, and average gig on weddings goes for $1,797.

I haven’t shot in all these states yet but I’m excited to one day have the chance to. Maybe i should just take a road trip! 🙂

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