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Photography is awesome!

It’s a great hobby, side hustle, and even career. Our Mission is to serve aspiring photographers. We noticed there are a few crucial yet difficult aspects aspiring photogs are challenged with.

  • Gaining Credibility – This always seems to be a catch 22 for new photographers trying to break into the industry. No one is really willing to pay an amateur without a portfolio and you can’t really build your portfolio without clients. Well we have some great ideas for you, Click Here to learn more.
  • Getting Features – Features can go a long way for you but in the beginning those first features can be very difficult to come by. Let us share some secrets with you to help the learning curve and get featured, Click Here.
  • Starting a Photo biz – Legal jargon is not why you want to start a photography business. Your passionate about photography but also don’t want to get in trouble by the government or fined by the IRS. We have some great starting points for you, Click Here and get cruising in the right direction.
  • Photo Critiques – free, non-crushing critiques can go a long way. Words too direct might be crippling to the growth of you passion for photography. That is why we created (and just launched) Photography Sandwich Critique for aspiring photographer’s just like you. To learn more about this effective approach, Click Here. You will be glad you did.

We want to make it easier for you!

Click on those links above, navigate the site, subscribe, play around, and contact us for any reason. Remember we are photographers just like you.

The photography community is thriving and very open to share tips and tricks. The old school stiff photographers that only help themselves, only say “you can intern for me” (which ends up to be only paperwork), or completely ignore you for fear of competition.

The industry and market are changing and it’s for the better!

What now?

Well, of course, subscribe! (You get free gifts too. Everyone loves free stuff.) Then roam the site. There’s some good stuff here and if you can’t find what you need, just let us know and we will find answers for you.

Then, pick some of your favorite photographs and send them into us. Getting featured here is just the start for you. With one feature you can go to the next and tell them you’ve been fetured before! This actually creates less risk for the editors, who traditionally like to feature photos and photographers that have already been featured.

And keep building up!

To recap those steps:

  1. Subscribe
  2. Explore the site
  3. Submit your feature

Check out some of out most recent Featured Photogs thatwe have had the privilege to feature!

Simple right?! Now get too it. Get your work together and get featured sent in today. It’s your turn to get recognized!

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