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Photographers ask us questions all the time and we seek out answers to best help them and their needs. With the answers we receive, we sometimes create blog posts that turn into ebooks and share them for free with our subscribers.

To celebrate our launch, we have already added a resource to our Photographer’s Toolkit. In it, we share the tips and advice from 15 Top Photographers on the topic of getting featured and recognized.

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Recognized - FREE PDF - FEATURED photog Inside “RECOGNIZED” you’ll be able to read what 15 Top Photogs have to say about getting featured. There insights is invaluable and has helped many on there way to landing some great publications! Subscribe and get this on the inside! ($27 value)
Miles Tracker for photographers - FEATURED photog This FREE Wedding budgeter is specifically designed for photogs to give to their brides. This budgeter is based in excel and will help your bride create a simple budget at first, then will them track expenses, deposits, due dates, and more importantly who is paying for that cost. This budgeter even tracks totals of who paid and how much still owed. It’s pretty handy and completely brand-able. Subscribe and get this on the inside! ($17 value)
Miles Tracker for photographers - FEATURED photog This Simple Miles Tracker is basic but essential for any photographer. Extremely simple to use and will greatly benefit your business if you are keeping tracking of your miles. Subscribe and get this on the inside! ($7 value)
Feasible Worksheet - FEATURED photog With The Feasible Worksheet you will finally be able to calculate how many weddings and shoots you will need to do in a year to make what you really want to make! (after gift expenses and taxes) Basically, If you want to net (true profit) a certain amount then you find out how much you will need to gross (total revenue). Great for coming up with your pricing too! Subscribe and get this on the inside! ($7 value)

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