The Perfect Silhouette Shot – #30daysFP

Mastering The Silhouette Shot – Day 15

Silhouette shots can be a signature portrait for any one and clients love it when done correctly. However, mastering this shot can be a little tricky. Listen below as we discuss a few great tips we just recently learned.

Megan Vaughan has a section on her blog called ‘Home Room‘ that helps other photogs in all sorts of categories! A couple weeks ago she was Periscoping how to get the perfect silhouette shot in camera! We will share some of her tips in the podcast that you have got to try! 🙂

This is very helpful article on Silhouettes and learning the best way to take them!

Quick Note: This is a part of a 30 days series covering a variety of topics. Check out the Series Collection Post to see all the topics in one place.


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