Start a Photography Business

On this page you will read and learn about the following:

  • Where to start
  • What to charge
  • How to make it legit
  • and a little more

Where to start

Photography is a fashionable profession and hobby, if you have some creative photography ideas, you might have pondered on starting your own photography business. In recent times, camera equipment have become less expensive and consumer friendly, hence, most people are photographers, it therefore implies that you have to work a bit harder to set yourself above the flock of amateur photographers to find a foothold in the enterprise.

Now if you are serious about getting paid through this lucrative enterprise you must get out there and start the business you’ve always dreamed of, you must not dump your ambition of starting a photography business. Here are a few tips to help.

Acquire the Right Tools

You can’t operate your photography business smoothly without the right tools and products. Some of the tools and products would improve the quality of your service delivery while others would improve your efficiency. Here is a list of suggested items that can help you and your business. Camera, Back up camera, Lenses, Flashes, Batteries, chargers and spares, Card readers & cables, Editing software, Studio equipment, Computer for editing and backup storage devices etc

Start out as just a hobby


Set goals      

Starting a photography business begins with a definite and specific goal, by setting specific and measureable business goals you will see a clear path to your destination and you can evaluate your progress as well as re strategize. Business goals can be for example, the hours you want to work per week etc.

Begin with the hours you intend to invest in the business, the sum of money you desire to make or both. You can start seeing realistic numbers come into view after doing a little math. You might assume a 40 hour workweek four weeks of vacation or a wedding session for half the year. You can also decide to move the numbers up or down depending on the occasion or your readiness to work.

What to charge


Use contracts from the start

Contracts governs the relationship between you and your Client .if drafted right, it will lay the foundation for sales by having provisions about completion schedules, ordering deadlines, duration of work and terms of payment etc. as a photographer you should never work without a contract as it offers protection to both you and your clients.

Create a portfolio

It’s very difficult to get new clients if you don’t have sample photos of your previous works available. You can create a website portfolio for your sample photos that can be easily accessible to potential clients.

A portfolio is a depiction of your best works that reflects your personal style and most importantly your niche. Your portfolio should be concise in a way that your potential clients get only a great introduction to your style. You don’t need to overwhelm them at first.

Build a client list

It is a wise idea to build and attracts ideal clients who can hire you. A photography studio doesn’t start with an impressive number of customers waiting at the door, it takes hard work and patience to attract your ideal customers’ .you must build your customer base slow and steady. Treat each client like they are the only client you have. Treat them like kings, regardless of how much they spend.

When starting out, word of mouth and referrals will be your best form of publicity therefore your client should have good experiences with you so they freely promote you to all their friends and family. Your very first clients are your most important customers.

Ask for testimonials

Join an photography organizations (for insurance)


client gifts

It is time to create your own success!

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