Sandwich Critque

On this page you will read and learn about the following:

  • How to improve your work
  • What is a Sandwich Critique
  • How can you benefit from this
  • Create new relationships with other photogs
  • Join the community!

How to improve your work

Everyone wants to be great but it takes patience and practice. All the greats (in literally any industry) have mentors and advisors to help them with ideas and improvements. One additional step is community. Community, especially in aspiring photography a huge part of success.

The photography industry can be nasty and cut throat at times but together we are stronger. There are many rich and vibrant communities out there (one quick shout out to The Rising Tide Society as being a perfect example of what healthy community for creatives truly is).

As you grow in your aspiring career you will see natural tweaks and adjustments to your editing and shooting styles. Consistently and continually making tweaks to your liking and creating Brand You and your unique style. One way to improve your work is getting feedback from a community of other photographers.

What is a Sandwich Critique

Sandwich critiques are 2 positive comments and an opportunity to improve. The opportunity for improvement is in the middle of the 2 compliments. We strongly feel this is one of the best ways to receive constructive critism.

Naturally, not everyones advice will be relevant to you and your direction but it great to get feedback from fellow photographers. Though potentially scary, another great place for feedback is from your ideal clients. Dig into that comment as ayou see fit. 🙂

How can you benefit from this

We all have areas to improve and everyone can benefit from constructive criticism. Feedback is just words, it will be up to you to apply them in your work or dismiss them is it’s not the direction you want to take your Brand You and your unique style.

Create new relationships with other photogs

In addition to sandwich critiques, as this community grows you can naturally forge new relationships with like-minded photographers.

Join the community!

FEATUREDphotog has a facebook group dedicated to photogs helping photogs. This is still new and it’s a small group but together we can build each other up and grow this community.

Join Sandwich Critique today!