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  • What is a PhotoWalk
  • Why would you want to start one
  • How to start your own PhotoWalk
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PhotoWalks are awesome!

Plain and simple, Photowalks are a blast because you get to link up with friends, meet new people, take break from your structure life and be really creative without fear potentially disappointing a client.

You get to try new things, or techniques like the angles for your detials or learn to use flash during the right times. You simply get to play around and get back to the passion of photography (which is the real reason you love this industry)

What is a PhotoWalk?

A Photowalk is a group of people, usually smaller, at all experience levels seeking a time discovering new ares of your local area and learning new things from other like-minded photogs.

Plus, you really get you grow and bond with other photogs in the area. Remember #CommunityOverCometition? This is completely true here.

Why Should I Start One?

Well, I’m glad you asked. You should totally start on if there isn’t already one in your area. If there is join it! Then maybe branch out with your own Photowalk at a different time

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How to you can start one today and potential make some extra cash!

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