Gain Credibility

On this page you will read and learn about the following:

  • What is credibility and how it affects your business
  • 4 ways to gain credibility

What credibility means to a photographer

Credibility comes from the root word “credo”, which is Latin for “feeling of trust”. Photog’s need this because credibility attracts followers and more importantly, clients.

Clients are the key to keeping the photography business up-and-running and credibility attracts clients to you.

Let’s get you some credibility

As the conversation continued, coffee still hot, we began creating a list of different ways she could increase her creditability. we found plenty of different ways to improve her credibility. Some crazier than others but ultimately we narrowed it down to 4 main areas.

4 main ways photographer can gain credibility

1. Testimonials

Ratings, reviews, and testimonials are very important to a photographer for many reasons. They can be encouraging, motivating, and negative feedback can sometimes be used as constructive criticism to improve on those certain areas.

In addition, testimonials can be a very powerful persuasion toward a future potential client to choose your services. Not just that but they can attract the right clients to you.

Pull your testimonials from the tweets and facebook comments of previous clients. Another way to collect them is by sending out an email or survey for feedback. Then showcase those positive remarks on your website.

2. Writing helpful articles

Write articles that will help the followers of your site but don’t stop there, contribute to other major websites in your niche too. As you write, you need to be mindful of how search engines work and write articles with SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

Writing SEO articles means writing articles based on keywords that potential clients would be trying to search for. In the SEO Cookbook by Zach Prez, you will learn the proper way to prep and build your articles for good SEO [my redirect affiliate link if that’s ok:]and get that coveted organic traffic that everyone wants.

3. Be transparent

Apart from simply trying to be a good person and build good character, being transparent will also help you gain more credibility. Character qualities such as honesty and integrity are essential building blocks to earning trust.

Be transparent when you speak with your clients. You need to be clear and professional. When it comes to your website, portray your goals of helping people capture precious moments as soon as they land on the site.

This is all linked to communication. Communication is essential to growing any business and gaining a good reputation. But it doesn’t just stop there, word of mouth will naturally occur and referrals will come out of that. Be true to yourself.

4. Have your work featured

This is the fun part and the main reason of this story. Being featured in a popular magazine or photography blog is the second best thing that could happen to a photog (the first would obviously be capturing timeless moments that individuals and families can enjoy for a lifetime).

Every year in the United States, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings [source]. Let’s read what Jamsime Star, a top international photographer, has to say about submission and getting featured:

Many… weddings were submitted for online publication, but what made submissions ultra competitive wasn’t just stellar photos, it was walking the viewer through every aspect of the wedding day, allowing an editor to see the bride’s aesthetic and the photographer’s point of view. – Jasmine Star

It can seem daunting at first but it all begins with the first step, even if it’s just a baby step. You can do this and there’s a good chance your business needs you to do this too.

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