Introducing Dan & Brittney Eppehimer – FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER

DanBrittEpp - Featured Photog

DanBrittEpp - Featured Photog

We are so excited to feature this amazing duo! We love the clean and bright feel they have in their images and the attention to detail that is shown! Such as, using foreground to make the subject prominent and the over all picture more interesting.

We like the use of space and the rule of thirds in their photos as well! We are sure this sweet couple will have a promising future in photography and we are honored to feature them here! If you love their work, make sure to keep up with them through social media in the links below!

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Meet Dan & Brittney

2016-03-17_0001We are a husband and wife team located in Pottstown Pennsylvania. We specialize in wedding and portrait photography.  We both started while in college, I attended Antonelli Institute of Art & Photography and Britney went to Messiah College and got her degree in art education with a concentration in photography. 

After college we got married and then started our business. We are currently running our business part time while working full time jobs but with how things are going we have high hopes to go full time very soon!

Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with our clients. We want to invest in their lives and get to know them on a personal level. We don’t have clients we have friends! Gentleness, grace, love, and romance are our soft spots.

We love the GENTLENESS of a father with his baby girl. We love the GRACE of a mother with child. We love the LOVE of a newly engaged couple. We love the ROMANCE of a husband and wife on their wedding day!

 Some fun facts about us 

  • We are expecting our baby girl at the end of May and can’t wait!
  • We are very different! Dan loves adventure, extreme sports, and taking risks then there is Britney who loves to read, enjoys lying on a blanket in the backyard, and most of the time likes to have a plan.
  • We love trilogy movies, Grays Anatomy, cooking together, and spending time with family & friends.
  • The following images are some of our favorite shots from recent weddings and engagement sessions.

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