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Hi Photographers!

On cloudy days, do you worry that you’ll have a hard time taking photos that look bright and airy? Well we have a great tip for you that involves nothing that you have to buy or bring with you to your session!

Natural Reflectors

A natural reflector is An object that is already at a location that is light colored and will bounce light back into your subjects face. It will even out skin tones and reduce shadows or bags under the eyes. Such as a sidewalk, A light colored gravel road, a white or neutral colored building (the bigger the more light!) or even a large window that is in front of the couple! Not to mention, here in Florida, the beach is HUGE natural reflector all by itself because of how light the sand is.

Look for these natural reflectors and I promise you, your pictures will turn out much brighter and evenly lit! Here’s a couple examples for you to check out. We would LOVE to see some of your photos after using a natural reflector, just send them to

Have a great day!!

Tiff and Jon

IMG_4361 IMG_4522

We were surrounded by pink buildings that could easily make our clients face unusually red/magenta, so we faced them towards the beach, away from the pink buildings and found a large area of light pavement to stand on. We did a big majority of their portraits here because the light was so beautiful!

IMG_5522 IMG_4323 Mr and Mrs Gaydos0725

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Tiffany McClure