How to Deal with Online Image Theft

Internet is a source of almost everything, even though many of deals affecting Wall Street are based on connections all around the world. Where it is possible to get money, there are possible to fall down on traps. Before, it was a crazy thought to give information concerning to us to anyone, any company or any page, but it has changed over the time. Nowadays is easy to write down information needed by whichever web-page asking for it. So, as soon as relevant information is shared, companies can make business with it. That´s not all, anything you share on social media networks could be stolen as well, for example online image theft.

How to deal with online image theft

This has already happened

A photograph artist from Internet received a message from his colleague telling that a web-site under the name of was selling its work, in other words this artist was a victim of a shameless thieve. This person hasn’t felt precisely upset until reaches the site, which contains a boatload of its product sold at an incredibly price of US$5.59 for a 6×4 print. Nevertheless, this page not only contains taken by the artist, but images of many others.

Deciding typing into the search field, this site has gained pretty much rate and grown with at least 60% of visitors coming from search engines, the situation results shocking. In fact the majority of visitors here come from the States. It is explained that if a photographer posted its work online, it will be on this website, or it will be soon. Here´s the problem there’s nothing you can do to totally prevent your work from being taken when you posted them online.

So, there are some things you can do to preventing this situation (not a 100% percent, but better than everything lost). The positive aspect is this one: completely free marketing and viral options to become famous, if the online image theft is performed by a large company that will respond you in case of taking your pictures with no permission at the moment.

What can you do?

To protect your work from online image theft, it is possible to use copyrights on uploaded works, once someone takes it you can proceed on legal terms, and will definitely win the case. Or you can protect the images using watermarks on it. A watermark is a piece of text that usually holds a copyright logo or mark and the owner’s name, this mark is overlaid on the image, representing that it is not for use if the owner’s allowing is dismissed.

Bigger watermarks can be placed more of the photo, rendering it impractical to a would-be stealer. Once using this method, it tends to be a double-edged sword, but since any foreign writing on top of a image will take away from it and evidence to be a interference, even at a insignificant size. Even though a watermark can remind a spectator that the picture is not free for the using, it is not required for the image to be protected under copyright laws.

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