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This is for experienced bloggers and product marketers who want to write for FEATUREphotog. This is great for people who want to train about a subject and then sell a digital product about that subject at the end of the post.

  • Topic needs to be discussed and approved in advance
  • 700 word minimum (please use Heading 2 style for major sections and Bold for subsections)
  • If images are submitted, please set to 740px wide
  • Author box for you at end of article (please register your email address at to show your bio picture)
  • Article posted to the top of theFEATUREphotog homepage
  • Article emailed to all subscribers of the FP newsletter

We reserves the right to refuse/remove articles.

All accepted authors will receive a website badge to showcase your expertise. A badge on your website helps you establish credibility and gain trust from your visitors!

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