Consider Automating Some Of Your Photography Business

Would it be great if you had more time for family, your other passions, your family? Well, consider finding ways to automate your photography business.

Now, I can totally see some of you like, “Woah, I. could. never.” That’s a great reaction the proves your passion but could be limiting towards some of the growth factors of a business.

Automate Your Photography Business For Success

We’ve all been there – trying to run a business all day means we rarely can make time for anything else. But, for your business to be a success, you need to be there working at it and improving everything you can. This leaves little time to really just live your life, or invest in new opportunities that you see as exciting.

If you want to see your business grow and improve, though, you have likely reached the point whereby expansion and maybe even introducing some new staff to the table might be required.

So, how do you get to that point? How can you make sure that your business is capable of surviving if you need some time off to recover and enjoy life?

Buy Into Your Staff

If you do need to hire staff to make the business run without you, trust them to do the job that you hired them for. Let them have an active say in the business and give everyone an opportunity to make a positive difference. You can’t hire people who have good initiative and then never let them use it – that’s madness. If you want to let go of some of the hours you need to work, you need to accept that letting go of some of that control is going to be needed, aslo.

Let other people make critical decisions when you are not there – at the very least, allow them to make minor decisions and run bigger ones by you. Understand that the people you have hired play a major role in your businesses progression, so buy into their qualities.

Failing to define what you want from staff as people as well as professionals is definitely going to cause you some issues with regards to making time for yourself.

Now you may say you don’t have staff or can’t afford it. You may not ever have considered because you think it make you a “sell-out”. Well if that could be you, you gotta check out our page here.

Create a Business Structure

The best thing that you can do for your business is to refine and develop a sound structure that everyone can follow along with and feel part of. For example, if you were to be running a photography business then you might find that having a specific editing or uploading process is going to be beneficial to retaining consistent quality.

The aim is to allow other members of staff to produce work to the same standard that you do for clients, so nobody can tell the difference. However, don’t expect to have it all organized and planned out on day one – that’s very hard to do. Test systems out over a period of time, and allow the system to be worked on as it operates – your theory won’t always work out in practice, after all, so adjust it with live-time feedback.

Create solid systems, trust in your staff and you can find that before long they can fully integrate into your new business systems. Trust them to pick it up and you can find that all members of the group can feel far more comfortable taking decisions that could improve your business.

Just don’t expect it all to work out from day one – that, though, should not be an excuse to ditch your plans and aims when they fail initially. Work on them, give people the trust they need to actually try them out, and never presume they cannot manage it.

Create a culture of trust within your business and before long you can find that those days off you desire are not so far away. If you try and always do everything yourself, or don’t trust your staff to integrate and work with you being there, though, you’ll never succeed.

And again if its just you, consider refining and mastering your workflow. Featured Photog offers a digital workflow specifically designed for photographers. It’s build in excel and completely customizable.

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