Introducing Amani AlShaali – Featured Photographer


Traditionally, we tend to stay away from the heavy photoshoped images but Amani has a gift. She is very talented at packing her images with emotion. Some of these images may seem dark but the way she describes it is pretty real.

AmaniAlshaali featured photog

Hi, my name is Amani AlShaali…

…and I’m a 23 year old fine art photographer based in the United Arab Emirates. I’ve loved photography ever since I was a kid, and after graduating from university with a BFA in interior design, I decided to pursue photography while working as an interior designer.

I discovered my love for fine art photography after I attended Brooke Shaden’s workshop, and photography then became my therapy. Being able to translate my feelings into images gave me a sense of release. Although my images are dark, I love to create them because feelings are universal and I want people to know that it’s okay to not be okay, that we all feel the same feelings, and that we’re not alone.

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