How It All Started

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Photo by Annabeth Kierspe Photography!!

Tiffany has been doing photography all her life, pretty much since she could hold a camera. Now, she does wedding and portrait photography professionally, full-time while being a stay at home mom with our son, Liam!

Jon, works full-time in corporate America but is passionate about helping Tiffany with her business and helping other aspiring photographers get a firm foundation for their photography career.

FEATUREDphotog As Seen On:

One day in early September 2014, As I (Jon) was researching about photography and photog businessy stuff, I began to notice a bunch of great resources for beginner, intermediate, and professional photographers. What I didn’t find was a site that specifically focused on the work of aspiring photogs.

That’s when I went to tiff with a pitch for a site that features the gorgeous and stunning photos of the up & comers. She said, “That’s a great idea hunny!” Then she added, “Can we add an section where newer photogs can learn from the professionals?”

I immediately said, “YES.” That was a great idea and that’s how the podcast part started. Our podcast is a mix of tips, audio blog, and interviews featuring  professionals in the photography industry from all over!

We created FEATUREDphotog for 3 Main Reasons:

  • To feature the gorgeous and stunning work from aspiring photogs who are talented and still just starting out in their photography career.
  • To Interview the top photographers in the industry & learn more about the challenges they had when they first started & ways to overcome them.
  • Be a resource of quality and not-over-priced photography guides, books, and courses.

If this sounds right up your alley, we highly encourage you to join the growing community of aspiring photogs just like you.

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We asked top professional photogs (we like to call them Protogs) for their advice on how aspiring photogs could get their work noticed and published.

See what Rebekah Hoyt, Caroline Logan, Jasmine Star, and Natalie Franke have to say.

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For those who are interested in Tiffany’s photography blog, you can check out some of her recent sessions on her personal website, here!

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