3 Easy and Creative ways to use pinterest in your photography business

3 Easy & Creative ways to use pinterest in your photography business

Should photographers use pinterest? Pinterest is essentially a visual bookmarking website that has a robust social feature built into it which makes it hassle-free for things to go viral. Pinterest presently gets about six million monthly users and has countless visits each week, the number will only keeps growing. Once you’ve got a Pinterest account you’ll be able to create boards upon which you “pin” things. You can pin pictures and YouTube videos from around the internet on your boards.

Whether you are a long time Pinner, completely new on the Pinterest arena, or still uneasy with employing one more social media platform to promote your business, Pinterest will in a long run prove to be nothing but a beneficial tool in your photography business. Pinterest could actually be working for your business despite the fact that you don’t have a Pinterest account, since anybody can pin from any website. Pinterest & Photography businesses are surely a match from heaven.

So, let’s consider some innovative ways you can use Pinterest in your photography business. Let’s get started now.

1. Be useful to your photography clients

What this means is that you should always create Pin board particularly targeted at your client base. This therefore implies that you provide interesting information and valuable ideas to your customers. For example, you can create a newborn photo shoot board, capturing diverse ideas, settings and shots, for your clients perusal, They will surely fall in love with the idea because you’ve probably given them just a perfect idea of the photos they are looking for, similarly, Wedding photographer can create an engagement photo session board or an “I do” board, this way Not only will your customers draw out valuable ideas from it to create just the exact experience they desire, but they will also feel more comfortable working with you, knowing that you already have what it takes to make their day a beautiful and memorable one.

2. Create secret boards for your clients to find inspiration

To make your clients feel even more comfortable with you, create a board that’s private just for the two of you and ask them to pin anything that inspires them, it mustn’t necessarily be an image. This will surely provide you with just the perfect idea of what your customers are actually looking for and how you can fashion their images to best fit their requirement. Pinterest is really a great tool for creative photographers and using it for your business can make your enterprise worthwhile, it can often mean the difference between an uninteresting shoot and the perfect shoot you desire.

3. Create session guide boards

Are your clients constantly inquiring about the clothes to put on, accessories and other items they should come along with to the shoot? Creating a board that displays the kind of things they should come along with is certainly not a bad idea after all. You could for instance create a board with pictures of cozy sweaters and fun scarfs to give your client ideas of how to look, it’s also shows your client that you really care about them to put this all together for them besides it doesn’t take that long and it really fun anyway.

Should photographers use pinterest?

Bringing it back around to the beginning question, what do you think? Do you think there’s benefit? Personally, of course their is! Photographers should use pinterest. Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the biggest search engines on the web. Take advantage of it.

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