3 Big Pricing Mistakes & How To Change Them

1. You’re Guessing

If you have guessed on your prices or copied someone else’s, it’s time to sit down and DO.THE.WORK! It sounds hard, but I promise, it will be worth it. If you don’t know your cost of goods, talent, time etc, how can you stand by your prices and say them confidently?

Need some help? Check out this amazing program Conquer Your Numbers Like a Boss that my friend Brittany developed. It will walk you through it and you will FINALLY feel good about charging what you’re worth.

2. You’re Listing Your Prices Backwards

Pricing should ALWAYS be listed from most expensive at the top, to least at the bottom. This causes your clients to see the lower packages as more of a bargain and encourages larger upsells.

This may seem simple, but over the years I have seen countless photographers doing this the wrong way!

3. You Have Too Many Options

Statistically, 3 product Collections is best because it gives your clients something to anchor the packages against. A fourth can be added when you’ve sold your top one a few times. But having a pricing menu with 50 a la carte items is confusing and will cause your client to choose the easiest thing to purchase.

Here’s how you can easily create your 3 Collections. After figuring out your prices and what you need to make from each sale, create your middle Collection first and put things in there to add up to the price you need to charge.

THEN create a smaller package with less items and a large package with more. Concentrate on the jump between your middle and top package. Make it logical to upgrade to the largest package if your client can afford it by offering a LOT more value in that one. 

As Sue Bryce says, “A confused mind says no.” Keep it simple and make it an EASY decision for your clients to head right to that middle package and higher!

Don’t forget to pre-educate, pre-educate, pre-educate! Making sure your clients know what’s coming, coupled with the above pricing tips will make your sales sessions a lot smoother and enjoyable for everyone involved!

So, were you guilty of any of those mistakes? If so, make a few changes and let me know how it goes!

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