15 Top Photography Accessories under $20

This list is on top photography accessories or products that are around $20. Photography can be a very expensive hobby but not everything needs to be expensive. In fact there are a number of “must haves” or “top accessories” that are quite reasonable and priced for anyone.

The gathering up the main pieces of photography, like camera and lenses, can be a financial strain. But this list isn’t at all. I had fun putting this list together and it got me thinking we need a “What’s In The Bag” post. We will have to do that soon. 🙂

Also, if you see something that you like, click it. Most are linked to the respected website or even straight to amazon (through our affiliate link which doesn’t change the price, of course) for your convenience. Now, without further further adieu…

Our List Top Photography Accessories under $20

1. Remote Shutter Release

A remote just comes in so handy (pun intended), especially for a photographer! As a photographer, I often find myself behind the lens and rarely in front of one. Then if someone tries to take a picture of me, I tend to shy away. But sometimes I want to take a new headshot of myself by myself (but more than my over used “duck-face” selfie taken by long arm and phone). Then answer… the remote. The work great for line of sight. The trick will be trying to make it look like you don’t have anything in your hand.

2. Bulb Blower

It’s important to keep your gear clean, obviously. It keeps the gear working better, lasting longer, and the resale value higher too. It’s recommend that your get your gear professionally cleaned but if your out on a shoot and you want to get dust off, what do you do. You could use a cloth or you blow off dust with a bulb blower. They are light weight, so easy to keep in your bag.

3. LED Flash Light

Don’t think like an old school, foot-long, Maglite like your dad used to have, but a cute mini LED one. It’s easer to find things with light (but you could always uses your phones flashlight function too).

4. A Flash Diffuser

You could use a flash but for a natural-light photographer that could be blaspheme. But if you absolutely have too, try a diffuser (not infuser, that’s that delicious water trick. Do you know what I’m saying?). There are on camera and off camera diffusers and if you’re a DIY person, trying making you’re own. That could be a fun project!

5. Compact Backpacking Hand Towel

These are great. Tiff can use one for her camera and I would actually use one for my forehead (Florida makes me melt). They don’t take up much room and have many use but we wouldn’t recommend using it on your glass.

6. Bokeh Kit

Bokeh is not just the name of Katelyn James’ cute puppy but it’s that blurry, creamy, circley parts in the background of your photographs. Most of the time it’s circle but you can literally turn those circles into any shape you want! Whether you buy a kit or find a simple DIY project online these are really fun.

7. Printstagram Poster

Ok, first of all, i have to mention that I love this! It has a ton of uses! Well, actually I can only think of two. But still, imagine this, 500 of your best Instagram images hanging in your wall! Or, better yet, you could use it as a client gift to your bride! How cool would it be to actually have all the pictures printed out and able to relive the entire day at a glance. Yep, this one is my favorite (if you couldn’t tell already).

8. Translucent face powder

I think you how this might come in handy. It’s just a quick way to take come of the “glisen” off the subject. Plus, it’s safe on guys (if they can handle it)

9. Lint Remover

Just another thing that often comes in handy. Whether it’s for you or your clients, it’s nice to have around.

10. Battery Holder

So much more professional (and cuter) than a ziploc bag, carry your batteries in a battery holder. And here’s a little tip, “Keep them point up to signify when their charged and point down to help you remember they’ll need a trip to the recharger (or just plain dead)”.

11. Gear Tie

Easier than velcro, you can use them over-and-over. There are a ton of things you can use these for beside just keeping your cables organized.

12. Photographers T-Shirts

Get your geek on with these great camera and photography related tees.

13. Lens Pen

No fluid, everything you need for a dry cleaning lens experience. There’s a microfiber disc and brush and more. Remove dust, smudges, finger prints and its completely compact. You’ll love this and it will never leave your camera again. It’s great.

14. “Bean Bag”

Tripods can be big, heavy, and bulk but sometimes there just needed. I found this cheaper option from Digital Photography School and thought I was so clever. A bag of rice or beans can be propped up on anything and moldable for your camera to get certain angles. But don’t just keep it in the bag that it comes in when you buy it from the grocery store. Keep them in a cloth bag to make it “professional looking”.

15. Dot Grid Journal

I am a not taker. I have tons of ideas and constantly writing them down on loose leaf paper. As of late, I been trying to make a conscience effort to use a journal and it is make the task more ascetically pleasing.

Wrapping up

Some products of this list are more of a want, some are needs, some are the “come-in-handy” type. We love each of these products. Some of these we have and some are on our “quick-to-get” list. Either way we hope you enjoyed this list.

In the comment section below, let us know if you use any of these or didn’t already think of these.

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